Executive Coaching

We work with both individuals and teams to identify leadership goals, address challenges, and determine leadership styles. By working closely with executives and leaders at a range of levels we are able to uncover aspirations and hurdles and to provide the support and best practices for moving forward.

Leadership Development:

While the type of support and design offered varies from business to business, there are three core principles that represent the foundation of our work:

  • Relevance: Develop designs meaningful to business strategy, context, culture, and mission.
  • Alignment: Ensure that strategies are aligned with corporate objectives and have measurable goals.
  • Engagement: Design and deliver programs that will help participants think in new ways, fit into their busy schedule, and include with tangible concepts that will stay with participants long after leaving the program.

Sample Services

  • Emotional Intelligence: Emotional Intelligence lies at the heart of leadership. Spark Strategy works to design meaningful and dynamic sessions enabling learners to build emotional intelligence and ultimately more trusting relationships and stronger communication skills.
  • Feedback: Whether your mid-level managers are struggling to conduct performance appraisals or your project managers are challenged leading teams without authority, feedback is one of the most challenging skills for employees. Leveraging relevant scenarios and case studies, Spark Strategy provides learners with the tools to develop cultures of feedback and overcome resistance to engaging in challenging conversations.
  • Persuasion: Closely connected to emotional intelligence, persuasion skills are relevant for leaders at all levels. If your sales team needs to raise their presentation skills or your high potentials want to lead teams with more confidence, exploring the skills and obstacles associated with persuasion can significantly change the game. By introducing storytelling and listening skills we work with learners to think about influence and persuasion in new ways.