Learn what happens when East Palo Alto, a city full of culture and love, was hit by a crack cocaine epidemic and the technology boom at the same time. Hear one woman’s evolution working in an anti-violence program in San Francisco and her journey to name a conference room after a woman of color.

Demetra Jones started her career in education and instruction in math, later creating and developing a comprehensive Math & Financial Literacy program, under the umbrella of a non-profit organization, which continues to grow in its 15th year. 

As a Trader, she built strategic and analytic skills to drive results for clients and partners. She has nearly a decade of financial management/trading experience all while continuing to build her skills in instructing, program development, and business operations. 

Today, she remains personally committed to reducing social inequalities in her community and beyond. Professionally she continues to broaden her skills and expertise as a Business Operations Manager by taking on more challenging duties and responsibilities that allows her to combine her experience and skills while continuing to live out her personal and vocational desire to impact lives.

Swayed Podcast Episode 5: Demetra Jones