Rather than focusing on “presence” and “confidence”, speaking expert Scott Stiefvater explains that when your intent is to be in service to the listener you are better able to connect than when trying to protect your own ego. Consider ideas like the fact that listeners are much less concerned with what you know and more interested in how you make them feel. Take a deep dive into what is actually happening when you speak from the swing of the sentence, the activity of the discussion, and the inner world of the speaker. Gather key tips like: the importance of vocal tone to be in line with the sentence and how you can sound more warm when speaking. My favorite take-away – the listener’s mind is not linear and when you intrude by introducing a linear narrative people struggle to process the idea. The solution? Have more impactful conversations.

Scott Stiefvater coaches senior and emerging leaders to become masterful communicators on stage and in the boardroom. To learn more, contact him at scott@scottstiefvater.com.

Episode 13: Scott Stiefvater