We’ve been getting empathy wrong. If used well empathy can improve the ROI on marketing and communications, employee retention, the brand, ability to connect with customers, and recruiting numbers to name a few. Listen to my conversation with Michael Ventura, CEO of the design and strategy studio Sub Rosa, to learn why he developed the design process Applied Empathy and wrote the book by the same name. Listen to stories including how Applied Empathy enabled GE to improve cancer detection by 10% through mammography exams while also making patients feel more comfortable and eager to schedule their next appointment. This guy is super interesting and smart.

Michael Ventura is Founder & CEO of Sub Rosa, Author of Applied Empathy. In Michael’s own words: “I’m a problem solver at heart. I like to help remove obstacles that stand in the way of getting people where they want to go. I’ve tried to build my career in the service of helping those I interact with to be better than they were yesterday. Slowly but surely, this practice has grown into the beautiful creature it is today. I’m not sure where it’ll go next, but I’m happy to discover whatever destiny presents along the way.”

Episode 12: Michael Ventura